Abbey VIP

We’re rolling out the red carpet and inviting you to become an ABBEY VIP

In order to become an ABBEY VIP and start receiving unmissable discounts, offers and little VIP extras, every time you shop at Abbey Centre;

  1. Purchase your fob at Choose your level of VIP – ABBEY VIP fobs cost £5. Unlimited VIP Fobs cost £10.
  2. Create an account, following the steps at You select which stores you wish to receive text messages from; how many text messages you wish to receive per shopping trip; the frequency of text message delivery and so on – Completely personal to you!
  3. Collect your fob from Abbey Centre Customer Services. Fobs can be collected Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm, Saturday 9am – 6pm or Sunday 1pm – 6pm. Simply show your confirmation email in order to collect your fob.
  4. Start receiving personalised text messages direct to your mobile phone from your favourite stores, every time you shop at Abbey Centre.

In order to receive messages you must have your fob on your person and your mobile phone. Simply show the text message to the Customer Representative at the till point in store in order to receive your VIP treat. Please note your fob is unique to you and your mobile telephone number. You cannot share your fob with a friend.

Offers, discounts and VIP Extras may be annual, seasonal or super personal, for example celebrating your birthday 🍰

Some examples include:

ABBEY VIP fobs are on sale NOW at! Live your best life, ABBEY VIP style!

Email if you experience any technical issues. Thank you