De Borja Partners with Madlug to help kids in care

28th July 2020

Have you heard of Madlug?
The trendy bag brand, designed in Belfast and now available in our new store DE BORJA.

Madlug is the ‘Buy One Give One’ bag brand that helps you give dignity to children in care.

40,000 children enter the UK care system every year, many have their belongings moved in black plastic bin bags or plastic shopping bags. Every time you purchase a Madlug bag, one will be given to a child in care.

Madlug are a certified social enterprise registered as a “Community Interest Company”. This means that you can be assured that 100% of Madlug profits and assets are locked to benefit children in care.

DE BORJA will also ensure all profits made from Madlug bag sales go straight back to the social enterprise!

Lisa De Borja, Store Proprietor says;

‘We are thrilled to partner with Madlug on this initiative. The Madlug ethos is very close to my heart. With every Madlug bag you purchase in De Borja, all profits will go straight back to the social enterprise; Madlug then also give a bag to child in care, because no child should carry their life in a bin bag.’

Lisa continues;

‘Shop now, feel and look great, and help a child a care. Every bag gives dignity.’

Madlug adult backpack £29.99 @ De Borja
Madlug children’s backpack £26.99 @ De Borja
Madlug lunch bag £11.95  @ De Borja