Is your hair Summer ready?

12th June 2024

We’re spilling the tea with hair hacks, practical tips and tricks to keep your locks looking luscious come sun, chlorine and salty water.

Healthy hair starts from within. Ensure your locks are getting the nutritional support they need with Perfectil Plus Hair available from Holland & Barrett. 60 tablets £19.49.

UV rays can damage your hair, breaking down the proteins that make up each strand and leaving them dry and brittle. Consider using hydrating and UV-protective hair products, deep-conditioning treatments, and minimising heat styling to keep your hair healthy and vibrant. Abbey Centre recommends Heatless Curls Set from Primark, £3.

Use a wide tooth comb over a brush in Summer. Abbey Centre recommends the Danielle Creations Light Brown Wide Tooth Comb from New Look, £3.99.

When applying SPF, pay special attention to your parting and any exposed areas of your scalp, plus the area behind your ears if you’re wearing your hair up. Abbey Centre recommends Malibu SPF50 Scalp Protector, available at Superdrug. 50ml £4.49.

Ponytails and buns risk stressing your hair if worn too tightly or for a long period of time. Substitute elastic hair ties for a gentle claw clip, available at Claire’s Accessories.

Chlorine sucks out some of the natural oils that your hair needs to stay smooth and strong. Salt in seawater can have a similar effect. To reduce any damage, wet your hair first and apply a leave-in conditioner which will act as a protective barrier. Try Carin Fassile Leave-in Conditioner, available at Peter Mark. 250ml £6.90.

Create beachy waves with volume & texture without the seawater damage using Charles Worthington Sunshine Salt Spray Takeaway, available at Boots. 50ml £3.39.

Chlorine has more of an impact the longer it stays in your locks, so have a shower straight after your swim to flush it straight out. Abbey Centre recommends Wella Professionals Invigo Sun Shampoo and Conditioner, available at Sally. 300ml and 200ml, £18.99 and £17.99 respectively.

Feeling the frizz? Try Creightons Frizz No More Coconut and Camellia Oil Miracle Serum, available at Poundland. 50ml £2.

Hair today, healthy hair tomorrow and all Summer long…