Slay Summer Hair Styles with Peter Mark

4th May 2018

– Anna from Peter Mark, Abbey Centre, presents her hot summer hair styles –

Be Your own Blonde
Heading into Summer the trend is always to go lighter but with everyone going light at the same time of year how can you make an individual style statement? By being your own blonde. Introducing subtle tonal changes like Sunset Peach or a Rose Gold or even a multitude of soft dusky pinks is the perfect way to have some Summer fun with your hair that is high fashion but low commitment. Best of all you don’t have to sacrifice the lightness of your hair.

Beautifully Natural
For the past three seasons enhancing natural texture has become much more than a trend – it has become a movement. Heading into SS18 that is set to continue. Accepting your natural texture can be daunting but with the right cut and styling regime this way of styling your hair can set you free.
To create that romantic softness and volume begin by towel drying your hair then apply Redken No Blow-dry and allow your hair to air-dry. Once 95% dry you can use Redken Wax Blast and style into shape or use Kérastase Spray Á Porter and lightly brush through for that dreamy ‘perfectly undone’ texture. The key to having beautiful natural hair is condition. Introducing L’Oréal #Smartbond into your hair game will not only strengthen your hair and protect it during any colouring processes but will give your hair the nourishment and shine it needs to carry off natural texture.

Your Go-To Summer Look
The signature look of every Summer is the braid… Braiding in the last few fashion cycles has firmly established itself as a year round trend and with a few seasons under your belt practicing it’s time to really step up and explore your braid game.
No style is as versatile or as easy to recreate as a braid, so whether its beautiful little baby braids adding that barely visible surprise factor to your hair or going full on Khalessi, there is a styling option for every event. A sophisticated day to night-time option is a single braid tucked behind your ear or a braid down your parting.
The trick to successful braiding is to make your hair a little tacky and there is no better fashion tool than Redken Powder Grip. Apply the powder grip lightly through your hair after which you can open up your phone, head to our specialist Pinterest braid board at and choose your style.