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For centuries, the people of Southeast Africa have used PERi-PERi to bring fire to their food. It is in Mozambique’s rich soil and blistering sunshine that the African Bird’s Eye Chilli grows into its fiery best. With a squeeze of lemon and a kick of garlic, this unique and powerful punch of flavour has made Nando’s famous for its delicious Portuguese PERi-PERi chicken. Basted in a range of sauces from the mild to the fiery hot, each piece is then flame-grilled to perfection.

Customers are spoiled for choice with an extensive menu offering traditional or boneless chicken, scrumptious burgers, wrap and pitas, along with a selection of sides, salads, appeteasers and sharing platters.

Whether it’s a quick bite, a sit-down dinner, a take-out or even a family feast, each visit comes with heaps of Nando’s famous hospitality and a legendary flavour that’s sure to leave you wanting more.

Delivery available