We hope to make your Abbey Centre experience as pleasant as possible.

As a result, via professional training, we are aiming to achieve an Autism Impact Award.

All Abbey Centre staff are ASD Aware and have an understanding of the difficulties or differences relating to Autism.

To help you plan your Abbey Centre shopping trip, please download a Pre-Visit Visual Guide

A child friendly visual guide is available to download HERE

An adult friendly visual guide is available to download HERE

Abbey Centre Sensory Friendly Shopping Hour

Monday 5pm – 6pm

Please respect that every Monday 5pm – 6pm we reduce stimulus on mall in order to make shopping a fun experience for everyone, easy on the eyes and ears.
Friends and families, feel free to bring along your own food during our Sensory Friendly Shopping Hour.

ICE Wristband

You can request an Abbey Centre branded, In Case of Emergency (ICE) wristband from our Customer Services. Parents / carers, you simply write your name and number on the wristband, enabling our staff to perform a PSA should your charge become separated from you during your shopping journey.

Abbey Centre Sensory Packs

We have 4 Sensory Packs that can be hired from Customer Services, on a first come, first served basis.

A £5 refundable deposit is required in order to hire a Sensory Pack. Our Sensory Packs contain:
Ear Defenders
Fidget Gadgets
ICE Wristband for parents / carers to complete
Activity sheets – Shopping List and Shopping Journey Planner – Download both activity sheets HERE
Colouring Pencils
Time Velcro Tool
Visual Guide – Download a helpful visual guide HERE
Abbey Centre Layout Map – Download our Abbey Centre layout map HERE

Quiet Space

Abbey Centre does not have a dedicated Quiet Space, however if you require assistance, our staff are happy to lead you to a quiet area within the Centre Management Suite, where you can take a moment to re-centre.

Sounds in Abbey Centre

There are lots of sounds in Abbey Centre to be aware of before you visit.

High noise levels can be found in our Food Court. Listen below

Our bathroom hand dryers are also very noisy. Listen below

Sometimes our Fire Alarm will sound. This can be scary but don’t worry. Our staff are fire marshal trained and will lead you to the nearest Fire Exit if required. Otherwise, the PA lady will announce that the warning was a false alarm and you can continue with your Abbey Centre experience. Listen below

Abbey Centre Events

Please be aware that the majority of Abbey Centre events are non-ticketed, public events with the possibility of high noise levels, flash photography and additional activity.
Please feel free to bring along your own food to all Abbey Centre events.
Requests for early entrance / fast tracking should be made in writing to if no option is previously advertised.

Abbey Centre Video Tour

View a tour of Abbey Centre below